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My Basic two to wait for spring.

I've been needing sun and warmth for several weeks now, as I imagine you have 😁.

To wait for spring I wanted a tunic with floral and shimmering colours that attract bees🐝😄.

So my Ocean Bright Lila fabric was just right👌🏼.

I entrusted this work to a friend who is a skilled seamstress and I am delighted 🥰.

I know that purple 💟 is not necessarily the fashionable colour at the moment, but it puts me in a good mood and that's all that matters to me🤗. Have you noticed how we are conditioned by the trends decided 2 or 3 years in advance by the fashion world?

I think it's crazy because we don't even realise this influence anymore, it's so insidious! I even see it in my own choices! Personally, I try to fight it by reconnecting to my natural inclinations for such and such colours. But it's not that easy because often I don't know if a desire belongs to me or if it was suggested to me by the fashion industry's communication 😣. In short, after this existential questioning 😂, I return to the subject of my article 😇.

I love this pattern so much, the simple yet elegant cut is very fitting, perfect whether you are slim or with a few curves. It's super comfortable!

The shade of purple changes throughout the day as the light changes, it's great! I'm sure that if I go to my garden, butterflies 🦋 will appear, like ah well it's spring? why didn't you say so! Here we come! ... Winter is definitely not my season 😆.

Apart from my rantings🤪, I love this neckline, with just the right amount of cleavage👌🏼. And the sleeves are well adjusted with the elastic, perfect for not being hindered in my movements👍🏼.

I love the back too with the pleat so pretty 😍!!!

I don't know if you know Nathalie's creations, but the quality of the patterns and the technical notebooks are really top notch 🤩. Impossible to miss because of poorly explained instructions or typos in the tracings. It is tested and approved✅ by my sewing magician and by me, who is not a great seamstress. As proof, I sewed her Madinina short skirt and frankly I didn't sweat or stress 😀. There you go, I hope you like the pattern😊. Your impressions are welcome!

See you very soon 😘.

The little extras of the fabric:

💜 It is super easy to sew as it does not slip!

💜 There is almost no shrinkage in the wash, it's a magic viscose!

💜 the pattern is unique in the world!

👇🏼Pour voir mon tissu Ocean Bright Lila en CHF c'est par ici

👇🏼Pour voir mon tissu Ocean Bright Lila en Euros c'est par ici

👇🏼To visit the website of La Jolie Girafe it is here

👇🏼To go directly to the Basic Two pattern, click here


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