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Welcome to my "Custom-made" space

I offer here a service of personalized patterns and fabrics creation.
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You are a professional, a lover of fashion, textile, decoration and you wish specific patterns for unique fabrics in order to enrich your collections, to meet your customer's expectations or simply for yourself ? 

Calling on me for the creation of your patterns, of your fabrics is choosing a professional qualified in textile design and passionate, since always, about drawing and the creation of visuals.

Nature inspires me a lot, so I have at heart to inscribe my production in an approach as respectful as possible of the environment. This is why all the textiles I choose for my custom designs are eco-certified.

Taking a fresh look at the diversity of the world around me and approaching every detail as if it were a discovery is an integral part of my creative process. We all do it instinctively when we are children and then, afterwards, we sometimes lose this capacity to welcome things, without judgement, always with the spark of wonder.

This approach allows me to fully express my creative vision, it accompanies me in the understanding of your expectations, in the elaboration of your projects, for an exclusive and unique result.

It is this enriching sharing that is at the heart of my mission. My greatest satisfaction is to make you feel that spark when you discover your fabric. 

I create your designs on the basis of moodboards, specific visuals and your choice of colours. I can also create a pattern from existing designs or only handle the technical part of the design development. 

When we meet, I will give you a price quote, which varies according to the complexity and quantity of the designs to be made.

See you soon!
I look forward to meeting you and discussing your project. 

Some examples of custom made artworks

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