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Cotton satins
Eco-certified organic & ethical

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I offer you an organic and ethical cotton satin with my exclusive designs:


- 100% organic cotton

- GOTS yarn, GOTS weaving made in France

- GOTS printing made in France

- It is 120 gr/m2

- 150cm wide (useful width 146 cm)

- Soft and very pleasant on the skin

- Allow for shrinkage in the wash of plus or minus 2% in the width direction and 3 to 4% in the length direction. To reduce shrinkage, wash your fabric in cold water and never put it in the dryer!

❤️ With my fabrics, you can sew for adults, children and babies:

- tops (shirts, blouses...) 

- long or medium shirts

- dresses, skirts, jackets

- pants or culottes 

- various accessories...


The printing line is a little jewel in terms of respect for the environment. 

In fact, unlike the most common printing technique, "fixé-lavé", the process used to produce my cotton veils is very economical in terms of water consumption! Only 6L of water are needed for my entire collection. That's very little indeed!!!! 


Wash your fabric with an eco-friendly detergent at 30-40°C maximum. You can add an ecological fabric softener to your detergent. No dryer!!!!

For the darker colors, you may find that the fabric is a little stiffer than the lighter colors, but don't panic! After washing and ironing, everything will be back to normal!

The inks are GOTS-certified and therefore totally eco-friendly, perfect for the sensitive skins of children and babies.


For those of you not yet familiar with the GOTS label, here's a quick explanation:


- This certification gives you the best guarantees on the market.

- The fabric contains a minimum of 95% organic cotton (in the case of this cotton voile).

- The products used to treat the fabric at all stages of production are free from products that are harmful to humans and nature.

- Workers at all stages of production are paid decently. Their rights and physical integrity are respected.

- Quality control is rigorous.

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I hope you enjoy sewing my cotton sateens, I can't wait to see your sewings!!!!

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