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General terms and conditions

Akikosmood Textile Design

Thank you for your visit to our site. You can make your purchases there as you wish:


  • Our website is open 24/7.

  • We process and ship your orders during our office hours which are Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (CET)


AKIKOSMOOD is a boutique selling exclusively online fabrics and patterns, all created by us, manufactured and printed according to rigorous quality standards and processed according to environmentally friendly protocols. All AKIKOSMOOD designs and creations are protected by intellectual property.

All fabrics produced since April 2021 are eco-certified.


We thank you in advance for carefully reading our general conditions of sale below because they apply to all your orders.


  1. Prices & General conditions of sale


By placing an order on our site, you, the customer, confirm that you have read these conditions and accept them. AKIKOSMOOD reserves the right to modify these present conditions at any time. The conditions in force at the time of the order are binding. You have the possibility to be informed of any changes by subscribing to our newsletter.


AKIKOSMOOD has a shop available on the site: The prices are established there in Swiss Francs with a converter in Euros linked to the daily rate.

2. Fabric orders


Have you made your choice and filled your shopping cart? When you are ready to pay, click on the payment button and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please do not hesitate to send us an email at the following address:


The fabrics are generally sold from 50cm to 50cm.

To select the quantity to order please enter:

  • 1 for 50cm,

  • 2 for 1m,

  • 3 for 1m50,

  • 4 for 2m,

  • 5 for 2.50m,

  • 6 for 3m and so on.

Some fabrics may be sold in smaller units.


IMPORTANT: The information given by the buyer when ordering is binding on him:

  • In the event of an error in the wording of the recipient's contact details, AKIKOSMOOD cannot be held responsible for the impossibility in which AKIKOSMOOD could be to deliver the product. The costs associated with a new shipment remain the responsibility of the buyer.

  • The buyer must be of legal age (over 18). The consent of the legal representative is required for minors.

  • Persons under guardianship must seek the consent of their guardian or the guardianship authority.

  • Payment is made in advance in advance of delivery of the products ordered by Credit Card or PAYPAL.


3. Orders for custom patterns and fabrics

Custom fabrics are subject to specific conditions. Please contact us about this at the following email address:

  • The prices for personalization vary according to the complexity of the pattern to be made.

  • The prices for customizing a pattern do not necessarily include the printing of the fabric.

  • The prices for printing the fabric vary depending on the material chosen.

  • The final price of a personalized fabric depends on the elements previously stated as well as the quantity of material ordered.

  • When requesting the creation of patterns for a collection, prices are adjusted according to the quantity to be delivered.

  • The prices of personalized designs also vary according to the assignment of the rights to use them.


4. Product availability

All fabrics and patterns presented on the site are subject to their availability at the time of ordering. AKIKOSMOOD reserves the right to modify at any time the availability of products for sale on its site.


  • If a product is temporarily or permanently unavailable, an information banner appears on the displayed article.


  • When the article is available again, the information banner no longer appears.


  • In the event that the order cannot be honored due to the unavailability of the product ordered and the failure to display the information, we will contact you by email as soon as possible. You can then cancel or modify your order.

5. Pre-order fabrics

  • The fabrics offered for pre-order are not yet in stock at the time of the launch of the sale.

  • A period to collect your orders is determined at each launch of a pre-order.

  • At the end of the pre-sales period, production is launched.

  • Please allow approximately 6 to 7 weeks to receive your fabric from your purchase on the site.

  • AKIKOSMOOD cannot be held responsible in the event of an extended delay by suppliers or carriers.

  • If the number of meters reached in pre-order is not sufficient to start production, you will be fully refunded as soon as possible.

6. Quality guarantee


  • We take the greatest care in adjusting the colors of the photographs published on the site so that they correspond to reality. However, you may notice, depending on your screen, a very slight color difference on your delivered products. No complaint can be taken into account concerning these possible small differences.

  • The patterns are all created by us. The fabrics are manufactured and printed according to rigorous quality standards and processed according to environmentally friendly protocols and from April 2021 all productions will be eco-certified. Certification documents can be provided to the extent possible if this does not result in the disclosure of our suppliers.


  • The care instructions for your fabric are essential. They are specified to you below each item offered in the shop. AKIKOSMOOD cannot be held responsible for any degradation of its products due to lack of maintenance.

  • Fabric colors may vary slightly from one production to another. So be sure to order enough fabric to complete your project. AKIKOSMOOD cannot be held responsible for variations in colors from one production to another.

  • Fabric widths may vary very slightly from one production to another. We do our best to give you exact figures, but as the material can move when taking measurements, the announced width may be very slightly different by a few millimeters from the reality.

  • Our fabrics are carefully checked. We will not send you fabric with defects (holes or printing defects). If you should find any anyway , please contact us at the following address: We will treat your requests with the utmost attention.

  • We sometimes offer discount coupons. In certain cases, we may mention the presence of micro-defects on the fabric in the description of the article.

7. Protection of AKIKOSMOOD creations

All photos of fabrics and patterns published on are the exclusive property of AKIKOSMOOD.

The patterns are all protected by copyright. No partial or complete reproduction, modification or downloading of the patterns is authorized without the written consent of AKIKOSMOOD.


8. Price

The prices of the items are displayed:


  • In Swiss Francs with available a currency converter linked to the daily rate.

  • The prices indicated under the articles do not include delivery costs, the latter are indicated and invoiced in addition at the time of the order confirmation.


AKIKOSMOOD is not subject to VAT.


Prices may change without notice and at any time, but you will be informed via the site.

AKIKOSMOOD applies to all the prices indicated on the site being correct, without however being able to guarantee the absolute absence of errors. If an advertised price were to be wrong, you would have the option of confirming the order at the correct price or canceling the order.


9. Payment method and online payment security

You have the option of paying by:

  • Credit card (MasterCard, Visa) and PAYPAL

For the security of your data, our site is equipped with "SSL Secure Shopping" technology, guaranteeing you secure transactions.


PAYPAL allows you to pay for your online purchases securely. For more information please visit


10. Delivery

Your order is shipped as soon as possible after receipt of your payment.

We ship internationally. Shipping costs are calculated on the basis of the weight of the goods. The weight of the items includes the weight of the packaging.

  • For shipments to Switzerland and Liechtenstein: 5 to 7 days

  • For shipments within the European Union : 5 to 15 days


Shipping rates for Switzerland and Liechtenstein:

  • 2.- chf (up to 400gr - 2cm max thickness)

  • 7.- chf (400 to 2kg)

  • 9.70 chf (2kg to 10kg))


Shipping rates converted into Euros (depending on the daily rate) for France, Andorra and Monaco

  • 2.16 € (1 - 100gr green letter, max 3cm thickness)

  • 3.94 € (111gr - 245gr green letter, max 3cm thickness)

  • 5.91 € (246gr - 490 gr colissimo)

  • 6.45 € (491gr - 500gr colissimo)

  • 7.35 € (501gr - 750gr colissimo)

  • 7.99 € (751gr - 1kg colissimo)

  • 9.15 € (1.01kg - 2kg colissimo)


Shipping rates for the European Union (Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Portugal):

  • 3 € (1 - 80gr priority letter, max 3cm thickness)

  • 7.50 € (90gr - 230gr priority letter, max 3cm thickness)

  • 12.90 € (231gr - 500gr colissimo)

  • 15.95 € (501gr - 980gr colissimo)

  • 18.05 € (981gr - 1.94kg colissimo)

  • 22.50 € (1.95kg and more)


For shipments greater than the indicated weight (10m of fabric), please contact us at the following email address:


AKIKOSMOOD cannot be held responsible for any changes in the prices of postal services. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.


11. Exchanges and refunds

The items ordered are neither returned nor exchanged.

For any complaint, please contact us at the following email address:


12. Information security and confidentiality

AKIKOSMOOD undertakes to treat the personal data communicated by the customer in complete confidentiality. This information will only be used to process purchase orders, facilitate navigation and purchase of items on as well as to deliver information via our newsletter such as special offers or new products available.

For more information regarding the processing of personal data:



13. Liability

Despite all the usual care taken in the creation of this site and its regular updating, errors may occur. AKIKOSMOOD cannot ensure that no erroneous information has crept into the information transmitted on the site. If you should notice any errors, please let us know by email at the following address:

AKIKOSMOOD reserves the right to correct or modify the content of this site at any time and without notice. AKIKOSMOOD disclaims any responsibility for the use made of items ordered on the site


14. Legal notices

These purchasing conditions are subject to Swiss law. In the event of a dispute between the parties, the latter will submit to the competent jurisdiction.

AKIKOSMOOD is registered in the Swiss Trade Register under IDE: CHE-278.306.383

AKIKOSMOOD is not subject to VAT.



We wish you a lot of pleasure in the realization of your cousettes. We hope that you will send us photos of your works that we will suggest you publish on our blog & instagram, of course, only with your agreement.

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